The natural world is in constant mutation, which provides to the human being an everlasting unique experience. There is always an element of surprise that changes the perception of space according to diverse weather conditions, passage of time, or geographical location. My goal in architecture is to bring that element of surprise, where an individual can discover new and different elements every time the space is experienced. By thinking about space in the optic of the users and bringing functionality and aesthetics together, my designs explore the simplicity and clarity that architecture has to offer.

Core Expertise

My masters in Colour in Architecture with a focus on disciplines as Visual Perception, Aesthetic Theories of Colour, Psychophysiological Effects of Colour and Light, Colour Symbology, Digital Colour, Colour History and Urban Planning among others, has enabled me to explore and specialise in the field of Interior Architecture.

During my working experience in Portugal, The Netherlands, Indonesia and United Arab Emirates, I have been involved in several interior projects that range from Health Care to Education, Sports Facilities, Office Environment, and Infrastructures. On these projects I have worked on full interior design concepts up to detail design, material selection, new ways of working concept for office spaces, furniture design and corporate identity. Furthermore, I have also created several Colour Plans for different Industrial Complexes, both interiors and exteriors.


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